We love jaspers at Summer Craig Jewelry. The Jasper meaning is one of protection, endurance and physical strength. 

Here’s what you may already know about Jasper:

  • Formed from Chalcedony—it’s Quartz!
  • Typed as an opaque variety of silica
  • Comes in Red, Yellow, Brown, Green and rarely Blue/Purple
  • But is most commonly Red, as it forms with bands of iron
  • Polished for Gemstones, Seals, Vases, Ornaments & Snuff Boxes
  • Stunning with Inclusions, Bands & Poppy Patterns

The etymology, or Jasper meaning, is “spotted or speckled stone” since Jasper sometimes contains spots of sediment, ash or mineral material. The meaning of Jasper derives from the Old French “jaspre” or Latin “iaspidem”—which translates all the way back to its ancient Greek, Hebrew or Akkadian origins.

Horse Coin Layering Necklace $ 43.00 $ 86.00
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New Direction Jasper Earrings $ 10.00 $ 38.00
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Flower, Jasper, and Crystal Earrings $ 24.00 $ 48.00
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Flower and Cream Jasper Earrings $ 24.00 $ 48.00
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French Quarter Bracelet $ 22.00 $ 44.00
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On the Fringe Necklace $ 15.00 $ 58.00
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