What people are saying about Summer Craig Jewelry

What people are saying about Summer Craig Jewelry...

"Summer Craig does great design. You are going to love the investment. I now have a few of her pieces and love them all.”


“I own many pieces from Summer’s collection. The colors in the gemstones add a great touch to my outfits. Summer’s jewelry is unique, beautiful and great quality. I own at least a dozen pieces I have purchased over the years. The jewelry makes a great gift for anyone style conscience. I recently got a set from some good friends for my birthday and just loved it!”


"I get so many compliments when I wear Summer’s collection. I’m leaving for Paris next week and Summer’s pieces are all I’m taking. Beautiful and versatile. Summer has a great eye for understanding your style and suggesting jewelry you’ll wear. Summer and I met when we both worked at State Farm’s corporate headquarters. What drew her to me was her energy, love of living and not afraid to try and fail. But this artwork of hers is a true winner.”


“I love Summer’s unique designs and quality materials. Very versatile pieces too! You will wear Summer’s jewelry often and always get compliments. I met Summer Craig at the Mellwood Arts Fair and loved her work. I own five necklaces and wear them all the time. I own a great deal of jewelry and these are still some of my go to pieces.”


“I’ve owned dozens of pieces through the years and have loved every one of them! Summer’s pieces are versatile- everything from classic to trendy and casual to dressy! I love the unique designs and materials used to make each piece. a look at Summer’s website, check out her work in person if you can and/or ask her loyal customers! A mutual friend introduced me to Summer and her gorgeous jewelry line several years ago.”


Summer’s line is full of unique designs. You need to take a look. You will find some great jewelry. Summer provided us an exclusive showing of her jewelry. Call/email her for a lunch event at your office or after work.”

          Mark @ UBS Financial Services

“I love the colors in Summer Craig’s jewelry. Summer is very accommodating. If you like a piece but not the bobble that may be hanging from it, she will take it off or make one without it. I have been buying from Summer for a few years now.”


“My pieces from Summer’s collection are unique and fit my personality. Take a piece from your own collection that you love, but wear it too much. Show it to summer, tell her what you love about it and ask her for guidance to help pick out a couple of items to try on. I have not ever left Summer’s show empty handed. I stumbled across Summer’s booth at the Belknap Art Fair in Louisville about five years ago. I seek her out at the handful of shows she does in Louisville and always find something new. Last year at Belknap Summer started “dreaming” up a new necklace based on what I was describing that I was looking for. When I found her a few months later at the St. Agnes Christmas Bazaar, she had made the necklace and it was even more beautiful that I imagined.”


“I love how Summer’s pieces are unique and display her artistic ability. Her jewelry is amazing! Summer recently made a piece for me with turquoise and leather. It is great with t-shirt dresses! I wore it twice this week!”



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